‘Wish You were Here’ Reflection 2

I have now experimented with a freer, sketchy style of illustration which has been inspired by the work of John Ruskin and my research into the Gothic architecture of Strasbourg Cathedral, from which I have also devised a colour palette. I believe that the more muted colours I have begun to use are much more successful and that the use a black ink and the rough painting style better emulates the dramatic, rugged appearance of the Cathedral. I have also begun to explore the use of German Gothic script for the typography element of my brief as this is often used on signs in the city and is better suited to Strasbourg’s architecture. I think that my new style of illustration is far more successful than my original work. However I feel that I have not adequately explored the context and history surrounding Strasbourg and intend to do further research in order to allow me to produce work which is a better representation of this city.


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