‘Wish You Where Here’ Overall Reflection

Although at the beginning of this project I did not do enough research I quickly recognised my mistake and feel that my research for this project was actually very thorough. I gained a strong understanding of both Strasbourg’s history and the important role this city plays in the modern world as well as an understanding of the history behind the stunning architecture which can be found throughout Strasbourg. This research really drove my work and I believe that it was the way that it allowed me to present a really clear message about the city that made my final outcome so successful. I developed my ideas throughout this project using research into both the city and a number of illustrators and typographers and by exploring media to develop my own style of illustration and type. Although I feel like my final postcards were really successful and I really like the illustrations and typography I developed I do feel like my ideas were not developed as thoroughly as I would have liked, merely due to time constraints. Again I think that the media I used was very successful, especially in the way I used water colour and acrylic paint to add pops of colour and my experiments with collage, however I again feel like time constraints prevented me from fully exploring my use of media as I just based my postcards off my first successful samples instead of pushing my use of media. The context and content of my work was inspired by my research into Strasbourg and its architecture, for example both the contrast between the old and modern architecture found in the city and the contrast between Strasbourg’s rich history and international role today inspired my decision to contrast geometric shapes with softer architectural shapes and gothic script in my postcards. My media and styles of illustration and typography were inspired by my research into a number of artists including John Ruskin, Sam Alfano and Kyle Henderson. My decision making throughout this project was influenced by my research and experimentation, however it was also very much driven by limited time as I had to make quick decisions in order to progress fast enough. If I did this again I would immediately begin with thorough research as this would act as a springboard for my ideas and allow me to get started faster. I would also like to spend more time on my typography postcard as I would have like to be able to develop my own font.


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