Edinburgh College of Art Open Day

I visited Edinburgh College of Art to look at their Fashion Design, Costume Design, Textile Design and Fine Art courses. I found the Fashion Design course very exciting as I really liked their focus on the concept behind collections and the ethical issues surrounding fashion. The course seemed very relaxed and free, allowing the students to explore their own interests, which I find very appealing. I also like the fact that students have access to other facilities in the college of art and can book slots to work with technicians in workshops. They also have a lot of really good links industry as well as with the rest of the university; students have the opportunity to collaborate with those in other departments and to do placements in third year. I also liked the Costume and Textile Design courses which have many of the same perks of the Fashion Design course; however I was just not as strongly drawn to these courses. I dislike their approach to Fine Art as the student has to specialise into a specific genre of art and I do not feel like I would feel content only being able to work in one style, one of the things I most love about Fine Art is the freedom one has to work in any style and on any topic and I feel like this style of course is very limiting. One thing that I am unsure of is their small class sizes as I do not know if it would feel like a proper university experience and it might be very hard to get a place. I also am not sure if I would enjoy going straight into second year as again I do not know if it would feel like a proper university experience. I do really love the city however, it is a beautiful location with urban areas, countryside and the sea all so close together and it seems like a very exciting place with lots going on all the time. The student accommodation was also in a really nice location however the only self-catered flats they had on display were much smaller and less pleasant than the catered ones.


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