Print Work Shop

I really enjoyed learning how to do both Monoprinting and Drypoint, I love the softness these techniques give to an image and the way the black in produces a stunning, eye catching image.

Monoprinting Process

  1. Roll out a thin layer of water based ink with a roller.
  2. Lay a piece of reasonably thin paper over the ink.
  3. Draw whatever you want to be printed on the back of the paper. Working over the top of an image is often very successful however the image used will be reversed. It can also be interesting to experiment with drawing implements as they will all create different marks.
  4. Peel off paper to reveal print.
  5. Wash surface after use with water.

Drypoint Process

  1. Create your design by drawing onto a piece of perspex using a drypoint needle. Sand paper can also be used to create interesting areas of tone.
  2. Use a piece of card to work ink into the lines drawn onto the plate
  3. Wipe of the excess ink first with a pad of scrim and then with a piece of newsprint. How much ink you rub off will effect how clean the final print, it can be interesting to leave some areas with more ink on them than others.
  4. Place perspex face up on bed of etching press.
  5. Take a piece of damped paper and dry it between blotting paper.
  6. Place paper over plate, lower blankets over it and use wheel to roll paper through the press.
  7. Take of blankets and paper to reveal print.
  8. Leave print to dry. This can be done under boards so that it drys flat.
  9. Clean perspex with soap, warm water and a toothbrush.

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