Letter Press Work Shop

I really love the effect of letter press, especially when using wooden letters, and hope to be able to incorporate it into much of my work in the future.

Letter Press Process

  1. Arrange type in tray, making sure to arrange words backwards, and secure with spacers, furniture and magnets.
  2. Place tray on the roller bed.
  3. Roll out oil based ink with a roller then roll this over type until your design is covered in ink.
  4. Clip paper into the bed the roll over with the roller. It is also interesting to experiment with moving the paper multiple times and rolling again to create a fade effect, placing paper directly onto the type and drawing on the back and placing small pieces of paper over the type before rolling to create a partially obscured effect.
  5. Peel off paper to reveal design.
  6. Clean surface, roller and type by first rubbing with a dry cloth and the with white spirit.

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