Surrealist Collage Research

After learning in my last project that I had not done enough initial research I am spending longer in researching surrealism and formulating my own opinions and ideas in this project. I have discovered the main aims of surrealism, to release the unconscious mind, and gained an understanding of its development and the influence of Sigmund Freud. I also understand some of the main features of Surrealist art such as the contrast between oneiric and automatism surrealism.

Despite having carried out this thorough research I still feel like I don’t understand surrealism. Perhaps it is because as someone who appreciates the craftsmanship of art and who’s mind is more design orientated, believing in art to convey beauty and meaning instead of art for art’s sake, I do not appreciate the randomness of surrealism or understand the importance of the unconscious mind.

I intend to continue my research in the hope of finding an aspect of this project which I connect more with. I am especially interested in the work of feminist surrealists and intend to do some artist research to help me gain more inspiration.

The websites I have used for my research:                                                             


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