Dali & Surrealism Exhibition 

This exhibition contained mostly the art work of Picasso and Dali as well as that of a few other surrealist artists. Although there was not much collaged work I still found it extremely useful to see the work of surrealist artists in real life as it is far more able to shock the viewer and create a dream-like atmosphere than when the work is viewed on the computer screen. I found myself enthralled by work which I had previously had no emotional reaction to and therefore found that this exhibition really helped me to engage with the project and become excited about creating my own surrealist work. I particularly loved Dali’s drawings as their simple, minimalist style allowed the focus to be on the strangeness of their content. The contrast between the pastel coloured watercolour washes and the disturbing, dark creatures is especially jarring. I was also inspired by Picasso’s use of squares and abstract style.


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