Surrealist Collage Overall Reflection

After realising halfway through my last project that I had not done enough research I made sure to research thoroughly at the beginning of this project. This research did help me to gain an understanding of the characteristics of Surrealist art I feel like it did not drive my project as much as it did in my previous project. I really struggled to be inspired on this project as I just did not click with the ideas of surrealism and only began to feel excited about my work after visiting an exhibition, where I was able to actually connect with the work, and by gathering images which I was interested in. It was these images, as well as artist research, which helped me to develop my ideas. However I did not develop my ideas very thoroughly as after spending so long trying to get started I just ran with the first ideas I found which inspired me. I loved being able to use the print room and the letter press in this project and being able to incorporate this media into my collages as I feel it made them far more exciting and tied them together really well. I found researching surrealist artists fascinating, especially understanding the role of female artists and how their work differed to men. I think this research did subtly influence my own work, for example a number of my collages juxtaposed the fragile female form with heavy machinery, however they were not a huge driving force. If I had more time on this project I would like to push the ideas I began to explore further and maybe even move into 3D collage, time restraints and my struggles to get started prevented me achieving this. Overall while I may have struggled with this project I think that it was very useful in forcing me to think about art in new ways and I am proud of the work I produced in the end. 


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