Sci fi Costume Research 

After researching a number of historical characters I have decided to focus on Boudicca as I am inspired by her story and interested in the idea of creating a costume for a strong female lead. In order to thoroughly explore this character I have researched the historical events in which she was involved and the celtish culture in which she lived, focusing on clothing and armour. I used a pinterest board to help me with this research. I also used this board to research sci fi film costumes and costume designers. I found it difficult to chose one film to focus on and instead found myself inspired by elements of costumes from a range of different films including Star Wars, Mockingjay, Mad Max, Star Trek and The Huntsman amoung others. I love the bold, dramatic female costumes I found in these films.  I was especially inspired by Colleen Atwoods beautifully structured garments, the over the top gowns designed for Padme by Trisha Biggar, the complex designs created by Michele Clapton for Game of Thrones and the dramatic, practical garments made by Kurt and Bart for Katniss in Mockingjay. I intend to move my project forward by experimenting on the dress stand with my found materials focusing on dramatic, powerful looking garments with lots of structure which also have an element of practicality.


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