Sci fi costume reflection 1

I have begun to work of the dress stand and, after experimenting with many different found materials and objects ranging from bubble wrap and strips of foam, I have become especially interested in the use of faux leather as this is malleable enough for me to easily manipulate but retains its structure enough to create a dramatic silhouette. I also love how easy it is to cut through the fabric and create lacy more feminine effects. I really like the suggestion of strength given by details on the shoulders and have also begun to experiment with a collar but need to problem solve this as I am finding it difficult to fit it properly around the neck. I also like the idea of draping fabric, perhaps as a cloak as this links to the garments worn by Celts. However I want the cloak to be more structured than the fabric I have been experimenting with so far has allowed, this could perhaps be achieved with pleats. I also need to begin thinking about the rest of the body, for example I might develop a breast plate or gloves.


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