De Montfort Open Day

I went to the open day to look at the Fashion Design and Fine Art courses and while at the university also discovered the FTA course which I am very interested in. I was very impressed by the fashion design course. Their facilities and studio space are really good and I especially like their focus on knitting, however I am less pleased by the limited access to print rooms and other textiles facilities. The course has a very large teaching element with lessons on tailoring and pattern cutting among others. On one hand I am excited by the idea of being taught all these different skills but on the other I am a little worried that it might prove difficult to work in an individual style. The course has really good industry links and opportunities for placements and work experience, I am particularly impressed by the fact students can pause their course after second year to do a year in industry. There also seem to be lots of opportunities to work across departments. I was also really impressed by the fine art course, especially the amount of freedom the students have to experiment and the access to amazing workshops. I am also really excited by the DMUglobal scheme which allows students to study in other countries for a period of time. However the studio spaces were not hugely pleasant. The FTA course really interests me as it would enable me to combine fashion and textiles a little, however I feel like it does not have enough focus on garment construction for me to feel fulfilled doing it as a degree. As a whole the university is very pleasant, especially their new art and design building which has amazing workshops and studio spaces.


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