Goldsmiths Open Day 

I visited Goldsmiths to look at both their Design and Fine Art courses. I found the ambiguity of their Design course interesting as it allows students to explore all aspects of design. I also am intrigued by how focused the course is on ideology as some of the students were designing concepts instead of objects. However I am unsure about how much I would actually enjoy this course as I know there are some types of design that I don’t really want to explore. I also liked how broad the Fine Art course is, the tutors don’t set any briefs and it is all very self driven which both excites and terrifies me. I do feel like the course was not fully explained at the open day and I will need to do more research. I am very impressed by their workshops, especially as the university only has a small number of art courses, and am especially excited by their textiles facilities. The accommodation was also very nice and is located very near the university. I also like the general feel of the campus, especially the open green spaces and the nice modern buildings.


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