Light and Time Research


Using a pinterest board and youtube I have researched a number of artists who explore ideas of light and time in their work. In terms of film I am most excited by the work of Bill Viola and Pierre Huyghe. I really love the elements of abstraction and obscurity which these artists explore in much of their work as this, along with their exciting use of sound, creates a sense of tension and suspense  which makes the viewer very invested in the work. I also think that the strong contrast between dark and light in their work, for example in Bill Viola’s Tristan’s Ascension the water appears to glow against the blackness of the room, adds to this tension and helps to create a really intense feeling of life. While I do love the way Huyghe moves the camera around the amber in his piece De-extinction as this gives the viewer the sense that they are moving around the object and stepping closer or further away themselves I think that Bill Viola’s work in which the camera remains stationary and the objects on screen move is far more dramatic. I feel like Bill Viola’s work successfully captures an intense feeling of life and this is something I want to explore in my own work.

In terms of photography I am excited by the work of Karen Stuke, Florencia Durante, Daro Montage, Russell Tomlin and Erin O’Malley. I am inspired by the way these artists create work which captures an intense feeling of life and energy in a single moment. I love the way their photos slow down and freeze time allowing the viewer to witness its passing. I especially love the work which involves long exposure and how to experiment with that.




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