Photogram Workshop

I loved this workshop and was found it really exciting to work in the dark room as I have never worked in there before. I hope to be able to use the dark room in my work in the future.

Making a photogram:

  1. Set the aperture to F.8
  2. Insert filter 3
  3. Insure that the light covers the whole of your paper
  4. Make sure that the light is focused, edges should be sharp not fuzzy
  5. Place the paper and any flat objects under the glass and arrange any 3D objects on top
  6. Set the timer
  7. Turn on the light. Can cover some of the objects which need less time under the light  for part of the time.
  8. When doing a test strip is is useful to block out the light as you go along the strip to work out what time is the most successful.

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