Light and time Reflection 3 

I worked in the photography studio again today, creating footage for my short film. I started working with bubbles which produced a really exciting effect which links successfully to me previous work due to the backlighting and the theme of bubbles. I also though that working in a fish bowl was very successful as it continued the idea of bubbles and refraction. I did have some problems to solve throughout this process as it was difficult to avoid having myself in the shot or the bubbles at the top going out of the shot. As a result filming the bubbles took longer than I had hoped and I did not get as much time to experiment with the ink and did not manage to reshoot any of my previous footage which Myfanwy had suggested I work on in my project review. I did have some time to experiment with the ink but struggled to get the camera to focus so I am not sure that any of my shots were successful enough I use in my video.


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