Light and Time Overall Reflection 

I think that the research phase of this project went very well. The artists I researched really drove my work and helped me to diagnose what I wanted to portray in my short film. For example the work of Bill Viola and Pierre Hugye influenced my wish to create feelings of intense life and the slowing down of time with my film. My photography was also influenced chiefly by the work of Karen Stuke and Florencia Durante, as I was interested in their use of long exposure to again create the feeling of intense life and captured time, as well as Daro Montag who also captured the idea of life but in a very different way. However   my photographs were also very spontaneous as they were a reaction to the camera shake caused by attempting to photograph lights in the dark. Although I am very pleased with the way this project turned out I do not feel like it was particularly well  developed as I found a concept and subject very early on and just ran with it. My photographs were taken on the spur of the moment with no planning and my first film experiment was successful and I just built on that. I really loved the effect created by the subjects I used for my film and enjoyed working with time based media. I found that being able to work in the film studio and experiment with lighting made my work particularly successful as it allowed me to capture bright, glowing bubbles which highlighted their exciting movement and really captured that feeling of life. If I had had more time I would have liked to explore filming and photographing different subjects, for example I was not able to talent experiments with ink as far as I wished too. I think this the next step in this project if I had the time and the facilities would be to set up an exhibition of my films as their dramatic, abstract nature means that they would have the most impact on the viewer if they were large scale with surround sound so as to completely immerse them in he experience.


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