Sci fi Costume Overall Reflection

This project had a strong focus on research as I had to gain an understanding for the work of designers and well as research Boudicca, the Celtic culture surrounding her and sci fi film. I found this research very useful in introducing me to the world of costume design and allowing me to discover my favourite designers and also very necessary to enable me to fully explore Boudicca’s character. The picture that I gained of Boudicca through this research and the conventions of sci fi costumes really drove the ideas I explored in this project. Doing so much research and spending so much time experimenting on this dress stand allowed me to thoroughly develop my ideas as well as experiment with unusual media such as foam and bubble wrap. Having to use found objects for this project made exploring media interesting as I would probably not have thought to work in leather otherwise. I did find it quite difficult to create final outfit designs as I had a number of different parts with I was really liking but did not fit together cohesively. I found that time constraints prevented me from throughly exploring every aspect of my garment and I was forced to fill in the blanks with unpracticed ideas. I also found that I did not have much time to explore the character illustration side of my project so this was rushed and not as successful as I would have liked.


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