Re-Generation Fashion – Research

I began by exploring the impact of over fishing on marine life, their habitats and the people who rely on them for their livelihoods, focusing on The Coral Triangle in the western pacific ocean. I was particularly interested in bycatch and the impact of climate change on coral reefs. However I then moved on to research Whaling and other factors which are causing whales to be endangered. I was most shocked by the way pollution result in the blubber of some whales caught in the Arctic regions to to be so contaminated it counts as toxic waste and the fact that many whales are found starved to death by plastic bags stuck in their esophagus and stomachs. I was expecting to be very shocked by the continuation of whaling but, although I still dislike the killing of such intelligent creatures, I discovered that whaling has actually been greatly reduced and that the only countries who continue whaling are those with valid reason to. For example whaling has a strong link to their culture and history and is important to their economy and way of life. After realising that Whaling is actually not a topic I feel needs so much publicity I have decided to instead research unsustainable fishing practices which are of immense importance today. I am shocked by the impact practices such as bottom trawling and dynamite fishing have on ocean ecosystems and the huge amounts of bycatch which are affected by bottom trawling, longlines, gill nets and ghost fishing.

I used these websites along with a pinterest board to research this topic:


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