Experimental printing with David Farrar 

Screen printing with powder paint

  1. Prepare screen im usual way (works best with images which have a high contrast and are quite dark)
  2. Place paper beneath screen
  3. Instead of using paint and a squeegee tip powder paint onto screen and rub through screen with fingers

Painterly screen print

  1. Cut the shape you want the print to be out from the centre of a piece of paper
  2. Tape paper to screen and make sure the rest of the screen you aren’t using is covered
  3. Lay paper under screen (make sure papered side of screen faces downwards)
  4. Paint onto screen in chosen patter
  5. Pull squeegee twice across screen

Monoprinting with found objects

  1. Roll out ink
  2. Roll ink onto chosen object
  3. Place paper over object and rub the back to help ink transfer

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