While in Copenhagen I was particularly inspired by the textures of the pavements such as the cobblestones, drains and manhole covers. This is due to both the difference between these textures and those of the streets in Britain and my ongoing interest in finding inspiration in unexpected places. I especially enjoyed capturing these textures through rubbing and sketching as well as using Adobe capture to create interesting patterns from them. I also found the bright pastel colours of many of the buildings interesting, particularly because of their contrast with the browns and greys I was capturing in the textures of the floor. It was also interesting to explore the many exciting galleries in Copenhagen. I found the textiles exhibition in the design museum useful as it gave me an overview of the history of fashion in Denmark. I really loved seeing the amazingly detailed embroidery on many of the garments. The visit to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art was also interesting. I especially loved William Kentridges films due to their powerful message and the beautful fluidity of moving his charcoal drawings. The architecture room was hugely inspiring due to the exciting textures which were on display as these linked in with my aim to find interesting textures in Copenhagen. I found the world stories exhibition in the Charlottenburg Palace Exhibitin very interesting and inspiring as it provided a view into another counties history and culture. Keeping a sketchbook throughout the week helped to observe the world around me and see it through a view finder, noticing all the interesting textures, colours and patterns surrounding me. I think this I a very useful practice which I intend to continue.


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