Maps Reflection

Through drawing in my sketchbook and creating experimental collages I have developed a series of patterns based on maps and contours, specifically the maps of rivers which I discovered in my research. I really like the graphical style I have been using and the brightness of the pop of orange which I have added to my designs. I also think that the use a collages maps underneath my drawings successfully adds depth making them more interesting, if I had the time and the resources I would like to digital print maps onto my fabric before screen printing. As my most successful pattern is the grid-like river plan inspired one I have decided to develop this into a screen print. I have also used Adobe Capture to develop digital patterns from my collages. I really like these patterns but have found that they are a little pixilated as I used my phone camera to create them. When I use this app in the future I shall take the photos on a high quality camera before tessellating them using the desktop version of the app. I think that the lighter patterns which have the graphical lines and just a pop of colour work much better than the ones with lots of dark paint as the pattern is more obvious and the areas of bright colour are most noticeable when  they are not surrounded by blocks of dark colours.


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