FMP Inspiration and Aims

My inspiration for this project came initially from the weaving workshops with Angela. In one of these workshops she taught me how to use a drop spindle and I immediately fell in love with the thick, textured wool. My interest was increased after visiting the shop Rouge Artisans in Copenhagen where I bought some Einrum wool. This wool, made by Kristin Brynja, contains one strand of Icelandic sheep wool (lopi) and one strand of silk giving it an interesting texture.einrum-1006-icelandic-wool-thai-silk-yarn.jpgThis interest in spinning, along with my on going interest in traditional crafts, led to my decision the explore spinning for my FMP. Through this project I aim to explore both the history of spinning and the changing role of crafts in todays society to decide if these traditional crafts are still relevant in our consumer based society. I also intend to experiment with natural dyes, drawing inspiration for my colours and textures from the world around me. This decision was sparked by seeing the landscape paintings of Annemette Klit at Rouge Artisans.



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