FMP Initial Research 

I have begun to research designers and techniques using a Pinterest board. I have discovered a number of interesting spinners who create interesting textured yarns including Yarnarch, Schacht Spindle Company and Spincity. I really love the coiled textures they create in their yarns and the way their thread fluctuates between thick and thin. I am also interested in the way the yarn is embellished with gold thread and beads.

I also discovered some really beautiful hand dyed yarns and cloths which have further developed by interest in natural dyes. Most significantly I found an artist who sells hand dyes yarns inspired by the natural world in her online shop Witch Candy Yarn.


I have also been considering ways of displaying my work in the exhibition. I am currently considering displaying the either as balls of yarn, pieces of art in their own right, or by wrapping them around sticks or something similar. This idea is inspired by Kirstie Van Noorts photography.

I am also thinking about how I could develop my wool further. I love the exciting textured weavings made by Crossing Threads and Frederique Breuilles walkways which are designed as a sensory exploration so make use of lots of unusual and interesting textures.



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