Botanical Gardens Photography 

Taking photos in Oxfords Botanical Gardens has helped me to develop my ideas about using colours found in nature to inspire my wools. I believe many of the photos I have taken have the potential to become colour ways for my wools.

IMG_8333The contrast between the cool mint green and the warm browny-red in this photograph is very striking.

IMG_8403I love the way the flushed pink leaves stand out against the deep brown soil.

IMG_8443The way the vibrant pink bleeds into the pure white at the tips of the petals makes for a very soft, clean colour palette.

IMG_8445The crisp browns in this photo are successfully eye-catching.

IMG_8459I love the bright pinky red of this rhubarb.

IMG_8541The contrast between the dark brown and purplish red in this photo is very exciting.

IMG_8732I am really interested in the contrast between the cool minty green and rich, vivid purple.





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