Dragons Den Feedback

Amy and Robbie were very encouraging and positive about my project. They advised me to focus just on making wool instead of complicating things by also trying to do a weave which I was also beginning to feel so am glad to have those feelings validated. They were also very interested in my ideas about the importance the companionship of making, Amy also highlighted the important role making has in providing satisfaction and happiness, and of sharing skills. This has also given me an interest in the potential of the yarn I plan to make as it can be passed on to someone else and they will in turn use it to create something. They also suggested actually having an interactive exhibition with a loom set up with on I would teach visitors to weave, ending up with a large weaving made by many different people. Amy told me about a project she is involved in called Knitting and Drinking, a communal activity in which everyone knits on the same piece of knitting and attaches a tag to their area leaving behind and large piece of knitting made by many hands. I was also encouraged to make my work relevant to my generation in some way and was given a few artists to research.  File_000.jpegDragons Den has been very significant in kick-starting my project as it has both confirmed my current ideas and given me now ones. I am particularly excited about the idea of teaching weaving as this really fits in with my ideas about community and sharing knowledge. I am also very happy to have got the advice to just stick to the exploration of spinning as I feel that this will make my project more cohesive and allow me to research and experiment in more depth.


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