Book Binding

To continue my theme of craftsmanship I decided to bind my own sketchbook for this project. The work I did in Copenhagen gave me a love for small square sketchbooks and working over interesting papers. I decided therefore to use lots of different papers in my sketchbook in brown and purply red tones which I had already discovered from my photography that I am drawn to. I did however make the sketchbook a little larger than the one I used in Copenhagen as this will allow me to have a greater focus on my sketchbook than in previous projects.

Binding a book:

  1. Fold sheets of paper in half and arrange in groups of 6-8. Make sure that the paper on the inside of each group is not too flimsy and that the paper on the outside will not react badly to glue.
  2. Mark where you want your holes along the centre fold of the groups of papers.
  3. Pierce the paper.File_000 copy.jpeg
  4. Stitch through the first group.
  5. Lay the second group on top and stitch through looping thread through the stitches in the group below.
  6. At the end of the row tie the loose end to the thread.
  7. Repeat with the next group and at the end loop the thread through the bottom stitch and tie a knot.File_000.jpeg
  8. Repeat for all groups and double knot at the end.
  9. Press book to sharpen folds.
  10. Place in vice and cover stitching with 2 coats of PVA.
  11. Cut front and back cover and spine from board. Make covers a little larger than pages and make the longer in height than width.
  12. Cut out fabric making sure to leave about 15mm space around the edge of the covers and 8mm on either side of the spine.
  13. Glue board to fabric using mixture of PVA and paste.File_000-4.jpeg
  14. Cut corners of fabric off at 45%.
  15. Pull tight and fold fabric over making sure to tuck corners in.
  16. Cut book pages down to size.
  17. Glue fabric (using mixture of PVA and paste) over stitching to strengthen spine. File_000-2.jpeg
  18. Cut out end papers making them a little shorter than the cover as they will stretch when wet.
  19. Glue about 1cm of end paper to the first sketchbook page (using mixture of PVA and paste). Place paper and plastic between this and the rest of the book to prevent glue seeping through.
  20. Repeat for back page.
  21. Place in press and leave to dry overnight.
  22. Glue (with mixture of PVA and paste) cover to end pages making sure fabric stitched to spine is glued flat.
  23. Put in press and leave to dry overnight. File_000-3.jpeg

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