Dyes Research

I have researched natural dyes using a number of different books and websites including Natural Dyes by Linda Rudkin, Traditional Scottish Dyes and how to make them by Jean Fraser and Natural Dyes by Gwen Fereday. Using these I have discovered which dyes I wish to experiment with in my attempts to translate my images of the natural world into yarns.


Cochineal – can be used to make reds, pinks and purples when mixed with Indigo

20001231 TM 008.jpg

Alkanet – used to make purples and greys (adding iron to the dye bath creates greys and purple greys)


Logwood – creates purples and blacks


Blackberries – creates purples


Elderberries – creates pinks


Mullberries – pinks


Red onion skins – create browns which would be good to mix with other colours


Madder – creates bright reds


Henna – creates browns which would be good for mixing6d44bd51f4bac9d220ff7c5659f9a321.jpg

Indigo – creates blues which would be good for mixing

I am also considering using some synthetic dyes to create brighter contrasting colours, for example mint green.

The next step of my project is now to research places where I can buy these dyes from and purchase them as soon as possible so that I can begin experimenting. Having done this research is very useful as I now know what dyes I need to use to create the colours I want for my colour palette.


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