Dyeing with Blackberries 

I have decided to do my initial experiments using only a little bit of wool and dye so that I don’t waste my resources as they are quite expensive. I therefore decided to use just 5g of wool and 1g of silk meaning that I only needed to use 10g of blackberries.I had originally planned to boil the blackberries for 30 minutes but the water boiled away really quickly so I only boiled them for 20 minutes. I have thus learnt from this experiment to either add more water or boil my dyes for a shorter time in future.After adding my fibres and boiling for a bit I found that I was not getting as vibrant a colour as I wanted so I added another 70g of blackberries. I still did not achieve a very bright colour bit it was definitely better than before. In my future experiments I need to solve this issue, perhaps by useing more blackberries as I think one of the problems is that my big dye pans need a lot of water meaning to cover  the fibres meaning that the dye gets very diluted. The blackberries had resulted in a redish, brown wool and a pinsky silk. The colour of the wool doesn’t fit into my colour scheme and while the pink is a bit better i is still not hugely successful. I therefore don’t intend to progress any further with this dye stuff. I as expecting more of a bluey purple from the blackberries so perhaps it was due to the batch I used that I got this colour but as I don’t really want that colour either I am please with my decision not to use this dye stuff in my final piece.


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