Dyeing with Alkanet 

I decided to use 7g alkanet. A sitting spirt, for example I used vodka, has to be used to extract the dye from alkanet as it cannot be extracted by boiling as with the other dyes. I left my alkanet sitting in vodka for about 3 days shaking it regularly and running it under hot water in the hope this would speed up the extraction process.The alkanet dyed the fibres very quickly meaning that this violet colour was created after simmering for just 15 minutes. I really like this colour and think that it is very close to some of the colours found in the photographs on which I am basing my colour scheme. However I would prefer it to be a little lighter so will leave it in for even less time in my next experiment.After 45 minutes the fibres darkened and gaimed a slight blue tinge. I find this colour really interesting as it is unusual and has beautifully subtle layers of tone. It does not quite fit in with my colour scheme but I am considering incorporating it anyway and intend to experiment with overdyeing it with cochineal to create a deep burgundy.


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