Dyeing with Cochineal 

As cochineal is such a strong dye I only had to use …g. I crushed this, poured boiling water over it and left it over night. I then added more water and boiled it for 15 minutes before adding my fibre and more water.After 1 hour it produced this light pink. This is the kind of colour I had hoped for from the elderberries so I am very glad to be able to get it from this instead. This colour is fits in well with my colour scheme. However I would also like a lighter pink so will experiment with leaving it in for even less time.I also wanted a darker red so left some of my fibre in for another hour. This darkened a little bit not as much as I wished. I do like this berry pink and will incorporate it into my colour scheme however I really want a deep red so will experiment with using a more coch meal to create a darker dye. I also want to try overdying with Alkanet to see if I can get burgundy.


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