Dyeing with Elderberries 

I decided to use 6grams of elderberries to dye 5g of wool and 1g of silk. I simmered these for about 30 minutes before taking them off the heat and straining them. I had already noticed that the dye was a brown colour instead of the pink which I was expecting. However it does have a pinky undertone so I am hoping that the wool will perhaps take this tone from the dyeI simmered the dye for about 40 minutes.Unfortunately the fibers dyes brown instead of pink. I think this is because I used dried elderberries instead of fresh ones and as I cannot get hold of fresh ones at this time of year I am not going to be able to use them. I am instead going to experiment with using cochineal to achieve a pink colour. Furthermore despite not being the colour I had hoped for I do like the elderberry dyed silk as it creates a nice browny grey colour.


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