History of Dyeing and Spinning Research 

Researching the history surrounding the techniques and materials I am using in this project has helped me to place my work in context and understand the way the role of traditional crafts such had spinning have changed in today’s society. img_9924I have focused my historical research on the history of spinning; dyeing, particularly with cochineal, logwood and alkanet; and silk production. Discovering the way these crafts have developed and spread across the world over time has been immensely interesting to me an if find it amazing to think that I am using the same techniques used by people hundreds of years ago. This is especially interesting when I recognise that I am also incorporating elements such as synthetic dyes which are a relatively new convention as it is very exciting to have this combination of old and new. My primary research, attending a guild meeting and meeting other spinners, has also helped me to understand the way craft has changed over time. The role of craftsmanship in today’s society is completely different from its original role. These skills used to be necessary but have now instead become an art form and a way of creating communities. I think that it is very important to continue to pass on these skills, not only because they give us an insight into our past but also because they play an important role today in creating community ad opportunities for collaboration.


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