Second Dyeing Attempt 

My second attempt at using logwood was far more successful. This time I only boiled the logwood for 30 minutes and didn’t leave it to cool before adding the fibres. The lighter fibres were boiled for about 10 minutes while the darker were boiled for 40 mins. I really love the fact that some areas of the wool have taken more colour than others as it creates a beautiful dappled effect. This dye produces a beautiful depth of colour which I really want to incorporate into my yarns despite it being a much bluer purple than I had hoped.I also experimented with using a higher concentration of cochineal. I think that these colours are far more successful than my previous attempt as they are much brighter and therefore more eye catching. Overdyeing logwood (far left sample) and alkanet (other samples) was hugely successful. I especially love the depth over dyeing gives the wool. It displays the fact that these beautifully complex colours could never have been found in commercial wool, highlighting the continued importance and relevance of this traditional craft. img_9940I also experimented with using alkanet exhaust dye.img_9942Overdyeing the cochineal with alkanet exhaust dye was far more successful.Finally I overdyed my blackberry with cochineal.

After this experimentation I now have a better understanding of how the different dyes work and therefore have been able to  create more successful colours. This will allow me to now develop my project further as I can now begin carding and spinning the wool and experiment with different ways to  create interesting yarns.


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