Halfway Point Review

In the halfway piont group review I had positive reactions from my tutor and my peers. I had an interesting discussion with Lucy about the context of my work. We talked about the interesting way in which spinning has moved from being a necessary life skill to being a hobby and the fact that currently a lot of these old skills are becoming more popular.

I also discussed my plans for displaying my work in the exhibition. I was advised to consider wrapping my yarn around a structure, draping my yarn around the space, using my yarn to couch into a painting or making a pattern or drawing out of my yarn by stringing it around nails. I prefer the more simple ideas, winding or draping my yarn, as I believe these will allow the viewers attention to focus on the yarn whereas I think the other ideas would distract the viewer. I intend to do some research into these ideas and then experiment with wrapping my yarns around different potential objects, photographing and anaylsing as I go.I also found it very interesting to see the work of my peers and the way they work through a project. It was especially inspired to be more free when working on my sheets and in my sketchbook. I tend to stress about every little detail and I need to begin working in a more experimental way. Furthermore seeing others sheets has led m to realise that it is okay to make quite simple sheets and that they don’t have to all be really busy and eye-catching. I believe that this knowledge will help me to work much quicker on my sheets and sketchbook and thus progress faster.


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