Decorative Spinning Experiments 

After contacting Angela to ask if she knows anyone who could lend me a spinning wheel for the next few weeks she has offered to lend me her own meaning that I have now begun experimenting with spinning. Using the book Spin Art: Mastering the Craft of Spinning Textured Yarn by Jacey Boggs I have been able to explore a number of more complex spinning techniques than that I was initially taught by Angela. I think that my initial attempts at decorative spinning were reasonably successful. I tried out a number of techniques including tornado, beehives, coil, spiral plying, stacks and stack traps. I like the effect of the tornado, beehive, stack and stack trap techniques as these produce quite dramatic, exciting textures. My initial experiments using these were useful in allowing me to get the hang of the technique but definitely need some refinement. I also think that beginning to use my dyed wools will really help me to drive my project as it is I will get more inspiration for textures and colour ways than with the white wool.


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