Synthetic Dyeing – Mint Green

A lot of my photographs have mint green in them which I really want to capture as it provides a nice contrast with the other more muted colours I am using. I used about half as much of the green dye as the blue dye but originally found that tie colour was too green and had to add a little more blue.The fibres took up the synthetic dye much quicker than the natural dyes had. Initially I left my fibres in a little too long as I not expecting the dye to work so fast so I tried again, leaving them in for less time, and achieved better results. It proved especially hard to get the light shades I wanted on the silk because the dye takes much faster on this than the wool. Even only holding the silk in for a few seconds didn’t give me the result I desired. I might use less dye when I use this next.This dye highlights the way this craft has changed over time particularly well as these kind of bright colours could never have been achieved in the time when spinning was still a necessity. I am interested in combining this synthetic dye with the natural dyes as it displays the fact that today crafts have become an interesting combination of old and new as people combine traditional techniques with new technologies or work in a traditional way to create something with a modern twist. This bold colour also emphasises the fact that these techniques have become an art form and a means of expression instead of the necessary skill which they used to be.


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