Spinning Experiments with Dyed Wool

I have begun to experiment with spinning techniques using dyed wool instead of plain white. Beginning this is especially significant in helping me to develop my project as it allows me to begin translating the colours I have isolated in my photographs into my threads. I love the way that carding wool allows me to mix coloured wools in the same way as mixing paint to get interesting, unique shades. This is really useful for my project as it allows me to get close to the colours in my photographs.

I also think that experimenting with texture is very interesting. I have found that carding silk noil and shredded fabric into my wools was particularly successful.IMG_0228

I also love the contrast between the smooth silk and the fluffy wool, especially when a tornado yarn is made with strands of both.

I also felt that the beehives were very successful and like the contrast in colour and texture produced when sewing thread is wrapped around it. IMG_0349My favourite threads where the green, purple and pink tornados, the purple and green beehives and the pink stack traps. Therefore I aim to use these threads in my final outcome, among other threads using the same colour schemes. These experiments have been very significant in moving my project forward as they have allowed me to identify which colour combinations and spinning techniques are the most successful allowing me to move closer to a final piece. I have also been able to recognise the immense levels of skill needed to produce yarn. Although my yarn is aesthetically pleasing it it not very sturdy and my technique is slow and inconsistent meaning that I have a long way to go before this yarn could actually be use for knitting. This makes me appreciate the importance of a community which teaches these skills all the more because to progress to a high standard of spinning I would need to be taught proper techniques.

This kind of decorative yarn does also however highlight the way this craft has changed over time. The thread spun no longer needs to be practical which allows for far more artistic expression and the creation of more complex yarns.


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