Exhibition Inital Ideas 

I have been using a Pinterest board to explore ways to display my work in the exhibition. I think that thread wrapping is a really effective way to display yarns. This would work particularly well with my yarns as it would allow all of the areas of texture to be on display instead of being hidden away as they would in balls or skeins. Furthermore when wrapping the treads I want to interlink all the different threads as this will create a really interesting overall texture and and highlight the subtly contrasting colours.

I am particularly inspired by Kirstie Van Noort’s work. I love the contrast between the texture of the wool and of the wood which I think would work very well for my display as my yarns focus on exploring texture. The yarns in her work also stand out surprisingly well against the colour of  the wood, it will be interesting to see how well my yarns stand out as I am still a little worried that they could be lost against the background of the wood.

I also really love Helena Emmans work as well as the work of these other artists. I am interested in the way they experiment with thread wrapping, using different types of yarns and wrapping around different objects. There is an interesting difference between the smoothness of the silk thread and polished branches and and the roughness of the yarn wrapped bristles.


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