Updated Exhibition Ideas 

My tutorial with Lucy has been significant in helping me to jump start my ideas about my exhibition layout. After her suggestion to wrap my yarns around wood I sourced a number of different pieces including branches a trunk and some wooden stalls from old garden chairs. Wrapping my samples around these and photographing them has helped me to successfully discover the types of wood which work the best.I like how the thickness of the trunk allows the detailed yarns to be seen clearly.Again the wide slats successfully show the detail of the yarns. This more complex display option is more interesting and I especially like the weaving between the slats.This thinner branch doesn’t show off the threads so well but is still reasonably successful.Again this is a nice thick piece so works well with the yarns. However it is too small to make an impact in the exhibition.The layout of these thin sticks is interesting as they can be laid out more complexly. However they are a little too thin to display the yarns as the detail gets lost.These sticks are also too thin.Painting the sticks white is very successful as it allows the bright colours in the yarn to stand out more ad become the center of attention.

To conclude the most successful options are the trunk and the slats as they best display my complex yarn designs. I am also strongly considering spray painting my sticks white as I think this will make the yarns stand out the best.


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