Alkanet Problems Partially Resolved 

I have been able to successfully dye using my wool with Alkanet on the second attempt. However I am still struggling to get the right colour with my silk as I keep getting greys instead of the nice purple I got the first time I used this dye. I have now used up all my silk top so my only option for improving the silk is to overdye some of it in more alkanet. However as I am now very behind in my spinning I need to begin working in this immediately so am not sure if I will have time to do this. I have also made the decision to not do the alkanet over dyed in cochineal as I am short on time and unlike the alkanet this is not a central part of my yarns.

Although it is irritating to find that my dyes are not working properly it does give me an appreciation for the amount of skill which goes in to perfecting these techniques providing me with an understanding of context. Furthermore it emphasises the amazing community which exists around craftsmanship as multiple people offered me help and advice, including Angela and some other members of the guild, when this occured.


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