Exhibition Display Idea Change 

I am not satisfied with my exhibition display plans so far as it is rather disjointed and doesn’t show off my yarns very well. My mum made the suggestion that I hang threads down from a beam. This led me to the realisation that I could make use of the long branch I have already unsuccessfully experimented with. Instead of using it vertical I could display it hanging horizontally suspended from the ceiling. Experimenting with this branch has been very useful in allowing me to visualise what the final design is good to look it and helping me to pinpoint what is most successful. I really like having the threads wrapped around the branch with tendrils hanging down as this allows for both an interesting texture around the branch and for the structure and texture of the threads to be clearly seen in the hanging sections. Having one thread wrapped structure instead of multiple makes for a more cohesive display which I believe allows for more of the focus to be on the threads instead of on the display. Furthermore the wood of this branch is far more attractive than the others I have experimented with meaning that I no longer have to wish to paint it white as I have previously considered.


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