End of Project Review

Overall I am pleased with the yarns I have managed to produce as my final piece. I think that the colours I have managed to achieve from the dyes have been immensely successful. They are bright and eye-catching as well as having that complexity of colour which makes natural dyes so exciting to use. Furthermore in the creation of my final piece I was able to create even more successful, interesting dyes than in my initial experiments, such as logwood overdyed in cochineal, as even in this short space of time I have greatly improved by dyeing skills. I am also interested in the contrasts I have discovered between the use of natural and synthetic dyes as synthetics take hold faster and create more solid and vibrant colours. I am especially pleased with how well the different colours I have been able to create work together  and the way I have been able to card the different shades of dyed wool together to create complex colours. My yarns therefore use many of the colour I originally identified in my photographs, allowing me to successfully meet my brief.

Furthermore I am please with my exploration of texture through these yarns. I have successfully been able to add texture to the unspun wool by carding silk noil and shredded fabric into it. This makes for exciting, complex yarns which become more interesting the more they are examined. I was also able to create texture during spinning by creating yarns which used both silk and wool strands, using decorative spinning techniques and adding embellishments with sewing thread. The use of beehive, tornado and stack trap techniques allowed me to create a range of different textures in my yarns which will contrast well with each other when they are displayed together.

I did however face some problems during the making of the final piece. The most notable issue was when my alkanet dye did not create the correct colour. As this colour was an important part of many of my yarns I had to order some more alkanet and redye my yarns. The second time I was able to get much better wool colours and was also able to create better silk colours after a third try, but this issue meant that I got behind in my time plan and so had less time to spin. My spinning was already quite slow as I had to use a normal flyer instead of a super one meaning that I had to wind all my thread on manually if I wanted to make thick art yarns and so this added delay resulted in me producing less yarn than I had intended. Although I did want more yarn I am still very pleased with my final yarns and, as they are so complex, am happy with quality over quantity.



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