Setting Up the Exhibition

Learning how to set up a professional exhibition has been very useful in giving me an understanding of what is needed for an exhibition and has given me the skills to display my own work professionally in the future. For example I have learnt how to make plinths and mount my work on foam board.

Initially I was unsure how I was going to suspend my branch and photographs from the ceiling. Lucy advised that I screw hooks into the ceiling and hang everything from these using finishing wire. I first measured out the places I wanted to hang the images and branch from, then screwed hooks into these places and finally with the help of a friend managed to attach everything to these hooks. These held everything up very sturdily and I am confident that this will remain stable for the remainder of the exhibition. I continued to adjust the branch until I had it in the position that I wanted. I found that the most successful way to do this was to take photographs as I tested out different positions and to ask friends to hold the branch so I could see it for myself. I also adjusted the hight of the photographs to a position where they worked best with the branch and used a spirit level to ensure they hung straight.

Along the plinth in front of my branch I have placed a row of jars containing dyes and wools and silks dye using them. I am hoping that displaying these alongside the branch will give the viewer an insight into the context of my piece as well as making my exhibition space more visually exciting. Furthermore I have labeled the jars so that the viewer is made aware of the dyes I have used for each colour wool.

I have also laid out a table with my excess wool on it ready to be used for my demonstrations during the private view. This along with the spinning wheel will allow my to demonstrate spinning during the exhibition and therefore further emphasis the context behind my work.

I am pleased with this final layout and so have decided to definitely keep all of these elements in the exhibition. I think that the jars and wool on the plinth and the hanging pictures really add to my exhibition as they display the context of my work to the viewer, something which I do not think would be clear without them, as well as emphasising the colour and textures of the yarn. The horizontal branch also works very well in the space and its fluidity works well with the softness of the wool. Overall I think that this is a very successful display which shows off both the beauty of my work and the context behind it.


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