Spinning in Private View

During the private view I was able to borrow Angela’s wheel again and teach spinning to some of the guests. I found it interesting to be able to continue the ideas of collaboration and the passing on of skills which I have been exploring in this project and really enjoyed taking on the role of teacher and showing others how to do the things I have spent the last few months learning myself. Sadly I did not have enough time to teach anyone and of the more complex skills, which would have taken hours for them to master, I did get the chance to explain how the wheel works and give them a little taster which I hope will encourage them to explore this skill or other crafts in the future.

It was also interesting to be able to pass on my knowledge about dyeing to those who asked, especially as many where surprised by the fact that I had managed to achieve such bright colours using natural sources. I hope that this has given those people a renewed appreciation of natural dyes as well as an understanding of what people used before the creation of synthetic dyes.


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